And finally…

The last piece in the Say What You See puzzle is Tilda by Richard Goold from Tongham, Surrey. The selectors this week were Ailbhe Mac Eoin and Amy Lloyd and they had quite a task choosing which work would draw the show to a close.

An end of exhibition party is taking place at aspex on Friday 16 March at 6pm. A conversation and communication related soundtrack will accompany the evening and any suggestions are welcome –

Richard Goold: TILDA

“Sue Paraskeva’s piece Altered Porcelain Vessel deals with the beauty that can be found through destruction. My work explores how through the breakdown and constant altering of an image through reproduction, gives birth to something both beautiful and nostalgic, a ghost and trace of its former self.

My painting, Tilda, addresses the many reproductions of Caravaggio’s portrait of Maria Magdalena. This painting is a reproduction of a still from Derek Jarman’s 1986 biopic of the artist Caravaggio. From a scene in which Tilda Swinton reenacts Caravaggio’s portrait of Maria Magdalena.

The main aspect that caught my attention when viewing this re-enactment of the painting within the confines of the TV screen, was the changes and corruption of the image caused by the screen space in which it was framed, along with the breakdown and loss of the original image. My piece Tilda addresses that loss, rendering the source image down to a distant ghostly translation of the original painting.”

Richard Goold

Thank you to all those who submitted work and supported our exhibition. Please keep an eye on for future exhibiting and other opportunities and if you have any suggestions on how we can develop/improve the Say What You See idea then email them in to

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