And then…

Here we go, the next and penultimate piece of aspex’s evolving conversation/exhibition Say What You See has been selected by Joanne Bushnell, Director of aspex, and it is Altered Porcelain Vessel by the Isle of Wight based artist Sue Paraskeva.

Altered Porcelain Vessel: Sue Paraskeva

Judes Crow’s Post-historic Gravegoods are her treasures to take to the after life. My latest work, also made from clay, comes very close to its own destruction.

For the last  twenty years I have altered my thrown porcelain bowls, more tentatively in the past, but now dramatically letting go and throwing the pieces (literally) onto the floor or by throwing painted wood at the work, creating beautiful pieces from dramatic events.

There is a fine line between the complete collapse of the work during this creation from a vessel, but they survive, damaged and beautiful.

Sue Paraskeva

To see more of Sue’s work take a look at

If you are an artist living within a 60 minute journey of aspex, and you would like to have the final word in the exhibition, then send your submission – image (jpeg) and explanation (up to 200 words) to to arrive no later than midnight on Tuesday 6 March. 

Exhibition Closing Party: Friday 16 March, 6 – 8pm
Any suggestions for a conversation based playlist for the party are most welcome.

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