And then…

This week’s addition to our Say What You See exhibition was selected by Vicky and Lou of our Education team and our current work placement student Lucy Rawlings.

Once again it was tough decision as each submitted work and explanation would certainly have taken the conversation and appearance of the show in different and unexpected directions.

The selected work is Everything But The Kitchen Sink by Lisa Traxler
Found enamel bowl, photographic prints on cotton rag paper, stitching, tape, found mirror base, 2010

Everything But The Kitchen Sink: Lisa Traxler

“Margaret Marks’ Prayer Cloth evoked memories of female members of my family attending church each week wearing a lace mantilla veil to cover the head. This tradition stirs the essence of domesticity, harbouring the safety of home but also the rituals and boundaries it evoked.

The piece I have offered in response is ‘Everything But The Kitchen Sink’

Discarded between the limbs of a hawthorn hedge, a found enamel bowl rotting exquisitely, a treasure unearthed in all its corroded glory. Between its filigree rusting shapes I have attached images of my grandmother as a young girl and then again in later life as a wife and mother –  beauty in the passing of time. The delicate strands of thread bind this girl and then this woman to the chores of domesticity as her life progresses – all the hopes and dreams as she stands at the kitchen sink…

The enamel bowl rests on a found mirror dated 1967. Reflecting on this life and in turn throwing back images af the viewer.”

Lisa Traxler
Further works can be seen at

Plenty of food for thought here, so please keep your submissions coming in to The next deadline is Tuesday 21 February 2012. Keep an eye on this blog, our website, facebook and twitter for details on the next piece.
Thanks again to all those, whether selected or otherwise, who have taken part in the exhibition so far.

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