And then…

Another week and another addition to our Say What You See exhibition. The latest piece was selected with great assistance from our Wednesday after-school club. The children, AKA Sugarcubes, from St George’s Beneficial C of E School in Portsea, spent a long time discussing the submissions and voting upon which work they felt would best continue the evolving conversation.

The selected work is Prayer Cloth by Margaret Marks
160 bible pages, 1.7 kilometres thread, translucent fabric

Margaret Marks: Prayer Cloth

“Seeing Phil Illingworth’s Ghost, I was attracted to the fact that his starting point was a prayer written on a piece of paper that had been washed by the sea.

In my piece, Prayer Cloth, I have used pages from a bible, which have been stitched and washed, to produce a lace like cloth. Even with this treatment fragments of words still endure.

Either folded or draped, it was made as a symbolic representation of the shawls, mats, cloths or kneelers used by many different religions in the pursuance of prayer. Incorporated into the cloth are translucent colours as if reflected from stained glass windows often found in places of worship.”

Margaret Marks

Please send your submissions in response to Prayer Cloth to A big thank you to everyone who has applied so far.

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