And then…

In response to Joanne Hummel-Newell’s At Sea we received several submissions for possible inclusion in Say What You See. Thank you to all those who applied. It was quite a task selecting the next work, which we felt made strong connections with the first and would enable the conversation to evolve in the most interesting way.

The selected work is Ghost by Phil Illingworth
MDF, found message (paper, ink), staple, straws (2011), 9 x 8 x 5cm.

“At the end of 2010 I found a tiny slip of paper, which is the focus of this work. The paper was washed up on the beach where I walk my dog, and it was written in Arabic.

I used social media – Facebook, Twitter etc. – to try to find out the meaning of what was contained in the message. People were very helpful, particularly Arabic speakers, and the title ‘Ghost’ is a reference to something in one of the responses I received.

It eventually transpired that the message was a form of prayer. To give the prayer power the message was cast in to the sea. For the original sender there is a profound emotional investment in the message, as well as for those who generously took the trouble to contact me. It was important to me not simply to acknowledge this, but to reflect it in the work.”

Phil Illingworth

Further images are available at

So, if any artists living with a 1 hour journey of aspex feel that a work of theirs resonates with Ghost in any way then please submit an image and an explanation of up to 200 words to The next conversation piece will be selected on Wednesday 8 February, and will be posted on this blog the next day.

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