So what’s it all about…

Say What You See is an open submission exhibition taking place in aspex’s Gallery 2 where artworks are selected based upon how they communicate with other works on display. The show will begin with one piece and the exhibition will grow as an additional work is added each week.

If you are an artist living within a 60-minute journey of Portsmouth and you feel that a work of yours communicates in some way, with other works on display then please submit an image of the work (jpeg) and a brief explanation (up to 200 words) to

At Sea, Joanne Hummel-Newell

The first work chosen to begin this exhibition is At Sea, by Joanne Hummel-Newell. The artwork comprises pencil, watercolour and collage, and measures 61 x 60cm. You can follow how this exhibition progresses by keeping an eye on this blog, where each addition to the show will be documented. Details about Say What You See can also be found on, aspex’s facebook page and twitter feed.

Works can be wall mounted in any medium, free standing and video works. Should a work be selected then it is the artist’s responsibility to transport the piece to and from the gallery. Works will be insured while on display.

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